Horticultural Reviews, Volume 21

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Horticultural Reviews, Vol. 6 (Plant Breeding Reviews)

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Agricultural Reviews

Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Presents state-of-the-art reviews on topics in horticultural science and technology, covering both basic and applied research This book takes a look at the current state of horticultural science and technology, offering unique outlooks on the research being conducted at the elementary, as well as at the applied level.

Presents the latest information on applied topics in horticultural sciences Offers numerous references that provide easy, time saving and cost-effective access to the primary literature Features essays with insightful viewpoints from top professionals in the field Horticultural Reviews is an excellent book for horticultural scientists, plant breeders, agricultural research stations and those working in private industry within the field. Contributors ix Dedication: Guglielmo Costa xiii A. Ross Ferguson 1.

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Mayer and Rina Kamenetsky Goldstein I. Introduction 2 II.

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Fertility Barriers 16 V. Concluding Remarks 29 Literature Cited 29 2. DeJong I. Introduction 40 II. Conclusions 81 Literature Cited 83 3. Nirmal Babu I. Introduction II. Botany III. Biochemistry IV.

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Plant Genetic Resources and Breeding V. Biotechnology VI.

Horticultural Workshops

Horticultural Management VII. Future Prospects Literature Cited 4.

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Thinning III. Abscission Physiology IV. Future Perspectives Literature Cited 5.

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Bradeen I. Introduction and History II. Ecology III. Horticulture IV. Conservation V. Conclusion Literature Cited 6. Schupp I. Blossom Thinners IV. Conclusion Acknowledgments Literature Cited 7. Jones I. Botanical Classification III. Origins IV. Pacific Distribution V. Archeological Evidence of Breadfruit VI.

Traditional Cultivation VII.

Journal of Applied Horticulture, volume

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Horticultural Reviews, Volume 21 Horticultural Reviews, Volume 21
Horticultural Reviews, Volume 21 Horticultural Reviews, Volume 21
Horticultural Reviews, Volume 21 Horticultural Reviews, Volume 21
Horticultural Reviews, Volume 21 Horticultural Reviews, Volume 21
Horticultural Reviews, Volume 21 Horticultural Reviews, Volume 21
Horticultural Reviews, Volume 21 Horticultural Reviews, Volume 21
Horticultural Reviews, Volume 21 Horticultural Reviews, Volume 21

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